Cushions and Supports

Cushions & Supports

Assortment of pillows , wedges and cushions, designed to aid you in comfort and support during work, sleep, relaxing or even exercising.
Ring cushions

  • Cushions: Gel, foam, egg-crate, memory foam
  • Coccyx cushions
  • Back support cushions
  • Lumbar supports

Invalid Cushion “Donut”

Invalid Ring

The Roscoe Invalid Ring is ideal for home, office or car use. The ring-shape comfortably conforms to body contours and is made of puncture resistant foam. Relieves seating pressure associated with surgery or general discomfort. Available in 16″ or 18″ sizes. Comes complete with attractive retail packaging.

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Kabooti by Contour, Uniquely engineered 3 in 1 cushion.

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