CPAP Supplies

It is important to your sleep therapy to maintain and replace your CPAP supplies. CPAP supplies are disposable. Much like your toothbrush, your supplies need regular replacement. The materials the supplies are made of begin to break down and deteriorate with frequent use. As your supplies break down, your sleep therapy may be affected.

Most insurance plans allow for the replacement of CPAP supplies based on a set replacement schedule. If you have questions concerning your insurance plan's replacement schedule, please call our Customer Service Team at 716.332.0404 We will conveniently ship your supplies to your door.

Most Insurance Plans Recommend the Following CPAP Supply Replacement Schedule:

ItemReplacement Schedule
Disposable Filter2 per month
Non-disposable Filter1 every 6 months
Tubing (Heated or non-heated)1 every 3 months
Full Face Mask1 every 3 months
Nasal Mask1 every 3 months
Full Face Cushion1 per month
Nasal Mask Cushion2 per month
Headgear1 every 6 months
Chinstrap1 every 6 months
Humidifier Water Chamber1 every 6 months

*Depending on your insurance coverage, copayments and deductibles may apply.
**These are recommended replacement guidelines. Coverage by insurance company may vary.


We carry a wide array of CPAP accessories to help improve your CPAP compliance, comfort, and ease of use! Scroll down for information on some of the wonderful accessories we carry. Please call our office today at 716.332.0404 to order your accessories. For your convenience, your order can be shipped directly to your home.

Cann Ease Nasal Moisturizer

Clear, grease-less, odorless topical moisturizer developed speficially for dryness and friction associated with the use of CPAP and BiPAP masks. Can also be used for friction associated with the use of nasal cannula for oxygen patients.

Contains aloe vera, allantoin, and d-pantothenol. Isotonic- will not sting sensitive tissue when applied. Sold in a 1oz tube.

Contour CPAP Mask Wipes or Spray

Keep your mask clean the safe and easy way! These 100% pure cotton wipes are specifically formulated to naturally clean and protect your mask without the use of harmful chemicals. Contour CPAP Mask Wipes effectively remove dirt, grease, oil, and other organic residue from your mask, keeping it clean and fresh. The 100% natural formula contains no unpleasant or strong fragrances.

Brand new! Try the CPAP Mask Cleaner in a new 8oz convenient spray bottle. The spray is great for everyday cleaning of CPAP and BiPAP masks and equipment. It contains only 100% natural cleansers derived from coconut and other plant extracts so it's gentle on your hands and face. Best of all it's biodegradable & latex free.

  • Contain only natural ingredients.
  • Suitable for daily cleaning of CPAP masks, tubing, and accessories.
  • Safe and effective.
  • Alcohol and latex free.
  • Wipes are 100% pure cotton.
  • Gentle on hands and face.

CPAP Contour Support Pillow

The Contour Pillow improves CPAP ease of use, sleep comfort, CPAP compliance, neck support, spine alignment, and airway alignment. It also helps reduce mask leaks, mask discomfort, and pressure on the mask and face while sleeping.

This pillow allows you to sleep on your side without dislodging your mask or creating leaks. Because of its design, it works well with all major brands of masks.

The Contour Pillow has a more cushioned and supportive molded foam base than standard pillows, plus a dual-fabric design. The silky, quilted material will give you a luxurious and comforting night's sleep. Comes with a zippered pillow cover that can be removed for easy laundering.

See the color-coded diagram at the right for details on how this special pillow is designed for CPAP users in mind.

Climateline Heating Tubing System

Upgrade your CPAP system's tubing with the new Hybernite Heating Tubing! It integrates with any CPAP system to help improve humidity and comfort.

Hybernite prevents condensation in your tubing which helps reduce pressure instability, avoid sleep disruption, and provides optimal air humidfication.

Connects to your CPAP machine via an easy to use plug-and-play electrical connector.

RemZzzs CPAP Mask Liners

An accessory to your mask designed to help absorb facial oil and moisture. It greatly reduces or eliminates noisy and annoying air leaks. Helps prevent skin irritation, ugly pressure marks, and aborb facial moisture and oils while you sleep. It assists with comfortably holding your mask in place while allowing for the use of bedtime facial products. Promotes a comfortable full night of sleep for you and your partner! [Comes in a 30-day supply or 6-day sample pack.]