• Ankle, back, knee & wrist braces
  • CAM (controlled ankle movement) walker boots
  • Wrist and hand braces
  • Slings
  • Tennis elbow bands
  • Abdominal supports
  • Trocanter belts
  • Cervical collars
  • Cervical traction devices
  • Hip chair rental

Vista Therapy Collar

Forward head carriage is a growing problem based on our increasing use of computers and cell phones.  Left untreated, this can lead to permanent deterioration of discs and can cause neck and back pain. 

Like the lumbar support used in most automobiles, this device provides support to promote a more natural curve to the cervical spine. With 30-60 minutes of use per day in the privacy of one’s home, This unique device can make a remarkable difference in relieving pain, headaches and slow the progression of disc damage.

Vista Neck photo

Back Brace

The Horizon line of spinal braces offers a tested treatment option for customers experiencing muscle fatigue and spasms, which can cause pain.  These devices increase trunk stability, reducing the load on overtaxed muscles allowing them to relax.  Many individuals using the brace report reduced use of pain medications and invasive procedures.